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Dave Hess Jr. from Waterford PA put on an impressive show last Tuesday evening as he went from his 16th starting position and past the best in the business to earn himself a 3rd place finish behind Ripley Ny's Mike Knight. As the laps wound down near the end of the 50 lap event the crowd was on their feet cheering for the 2 local boys running in 2nd and 3rd positions respectively. Jump in the seat with Dave Hess jr as he makes his way to the front. Congratulations to the Hess and Knight crews for the exciting finish to what is one of the greatest races in Stateline Speedway History.
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July 18, 2011

(Waterford, PA) – Dave Hess Jr., Waterford native and “elbows up” style race car driver has been having a bench mark year. Hess has been turning heads since he’s started his Late Model campaign in the Tri-State Area beginning in early April. Hess, already a well accomplished open wheel modified driver, has been stepping up his Late Model Program to match the success he’s experienced in his Open Wheel Modified. He’s been doing so and in the same #44 that’s graced the side of his highly profitable Modified. Hess is now gaining the same popularity for his ground pounding, 800 horsepower, dirt slinging, Late Model.

“Statistically, I’ve been having a great year,” added Hess. “Mostly I’ve been going out there and having fun, winning takes work and the payoff is worth it so the harder I work I figure the better the payoff.” The payoff Hess mentions comes in two forms- most recently $ 4,000 in the Jays Auto Wrecking United Late Model Series Event held at Busti, NY’s Stateline Speedway and a $2,000 DIRTcar sanctioned win at Lernerville Speedway (PA) where Hess is also the defending points Champion and to round out this weekend Dave went three for three with a win at Eriez (PA). That comes in addition to the $5,500 in prize money for taking the checkered flag in the Francis Seaman Memorial at Stateline Speedway on July 2nd. The other payoff for the young wheelman comes emotionally. “I’ve been striving to get my Late Model program to where it is right now and having that, being seen as one of the guys to beat really makes me tick and there’s nothing I love more than to win these weekly shows and to pick up some of the bigger purses in the area.”

Among Hess’s 2011 accolades are 4 wins at Lernerville Speedway (PA), 3 wins at Stateline Speedway for a total of $12,500, and 4 wins at Hess’s home track, Eriez Speedway (PA). Hess also hit a huge milestone for any driver when he picked up his 200th career win by winning features in both divisions (Late Model and E-mod) at Eriez Speedway on June 12th.

“I’m really grateful for having this opportunity (to race cars for a living) and I’ve most definitely have got to thank my parents for not only being a financial backbone, but for their support in general. My sponsors are great too and I’m happy to be representing them well and making them feel good about investing in my race program,” allowed Hess.

Dave Hess Jr., drives the Hess Garage and Salvage, Linda’s Notary Service, Plyler Overhead Door, Beacon Lubricants, Jim Brozell Construction, Matt Teribery Flooring, Kinder MotorSports Media, Collision World, Rocket Chassis equipped with Genesis Shocks provided and assisted by Mike Farr, Hoosier Tire by Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, Fast Shafts, Bassett Wheels, Simpson Race Products, VP racing fuels and Larry Shaw Chassis (E-mods). Koldrock water is provided to the team, the cars are decaled by Bill Blair of MWB graphics and web design.

Dave Hess Jr. Tries For Another Speedweeks Title at Volusia Raceway Park


Kinder Motorsports Media

January 15, 2011 (Waterford, PA) – As the last rivets get popped in and the graphics are put on the cars there is no doubt about Dave Hess’s intentions going into 2011.  “I’m going to Florida hoping to build on last year’s success”, said reigning Open Wheel Modified Volusia Speed weeks champ Dave Hess Jr. “I want to win races and another championship, I want to stay out of trouble and have another good year down there, but more than anything I want to win one of the big ones!”

          And good years he has had.  In 2008 Hess won a feature that yielded the inaugural Alltel-All Star check worth $12,000 and in 2010 Hess battled his way to two wins and the overall Volusia Speedweeks Title.  It is no secret what he plans to do down south and he’ll be feeling the heat come February.  Not just because he’ll be out of his home town, snow covered Erie, Pa – but also because he’s got a target on his back.  “Being the returning Champ is great, but there will be other drivers out there and they’ll all be going for the glory, just like I am, commented Hess.  “Winning last year was great, it always adds pressure though, and I want to outdo myself and to do that I’ll have to set the bar very high.”

          Hess will be fielding, for the first time (in Florida) his Larry Shaw chassis, but will have old faithful, his ClingerBuilt car in tow as well, as the plain white hauler that carries the Hess team and the precious cargo hums along the long path from Erie to Florida.

          Hess, an Erie native, will start his quest at the “Clay by the Bay,” East Bay Raceway starting with an open practice session Feb. 2nd and compete there until the 5th where the modified purse will peak at $5,000.  From there, the Hess family team will head to Volusia Raceway Park where Hess gained last year’s title.  The modified action will take place from February 8th-15th culminating with “The Gator,” Volusia’s $5,000 to win event.  “Winning the overall championship was great and I feel great having done that, but this year I would also like to take home one of the big checks, added Hess. “I’ve been close before but this year I really want to win one of the big events, let’s hope everything goes well and I don’t have any unforeseen problems.”

          In addition to Hess driving his family owned #44; his back-up car will be fielded by Eriez Speedway Champion, John Boyd.  Boyd, who usually drives the #1 in the Northeast PA region, will make his Florida debut on February 11th for a regular show, one night before qualifying for “The Gator” is to take place. Boyd had this to say about his new endeavor, “It’s really going to be a great experience for me to be racing down there, especially with the help of my Uncle (car owner, Dave Hess Sr.) providing me a car.” I hope to stay out of trouble and make the field for ‘The Gator’, I am grateful for the opportunity and hope to make the best of my time (in Florida). If I can give the team an opportunity to field two cars in the Gator I would feel like I’ve helped. Having my (little) cousin there, Dave Jr., will be a great help considering the laps he already has on a track that is new to me. I really appreciate the opportunity that my Uncle has provided for me, and I hope I deliver some good finishes for him!”   

          The Hess team will start the action on February 2nd at East Bay.  They plan to move north with the modified action February 8th as the open-wheeled mods take to VSP for a week of racing leading up to “The Gator,” the $5,000 finally for the Modifieds to be held on February 14th, On February 15th Hess and Boyd will also compete in the “Triple 25’s” three races paying $700 to win each race.

          Dave Hess Jr., drives the Hess Garage and Salvage, Linda’s Notary Service, Genesis Shocks,  Beacon Lubricants, Jim Brozell Construction, Plyler Overhead Door, Matt Teribery Flooring, MWB Graphics, Kinder MotorSports Media, VP Racing Fuels, Bassett Wheel’s, Collision World, Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic, Simpson Race Products, Larry Shaw Chassis powered by a Craiger Race engine.  

The Hess program is actively seeking new marketing partners for the 2011 season and has not only national but also regional value for possible partners to place a traveling ad on either of the team’s Late Models, Open Wheel Modifieds, or both.  To find out more about partnering with Hess Racing call Linda Hess at 814-796-4845, or Geoff Kinder at 814-221-9424 to discuss the opportunities that motorsports marketing can bring to a company.    
August 5, 2010 – (Waterford, PA) In a season decorated with Lernerville wins and the point lead to boot, Hess showed his ability to adapt.  With only one month (three races) in his new Larry Shaw e-mod Hess led the field to gather the checkered flag in the regions highest paying e-mod event, The E-mod Invasion at Stateline Speedway this was Hess’s second of two E-mod Invasions that he has won at the New York Speedway.

“I love the new car, I’ve liked my ClingerBuilt cars too, it’s good to have a solid crew and car behind me come feature time, as much credit goes to the team as to me, they work hard in every respect, and my parents too, added Hess.  “They could be retired living the good life, but they keep the Racing program alive and I feel great to be able to give back with some notable wins.”

Hess’s week started at Sharon speedway on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Tuesday was rained out where Hess Qualified in the top 20, but in accordance with Outlaw rules if the event gets rained out without a heat race completed the whole event is a scratch. Wednesday didn’t go as well as Hess just missed the mark and didn’t qualify for the A-main. Next was their weekly pilgrimage to Lernerville (PA) and then off to the E-mod Invasion Stateline Speedway (NY).

Hess started the weekend off with a win in the Late Model division, one that helped secured the points chase at PA’s illustrious Lernerville Speedway and capped off a 2-week string of bad luck at the banked bullring.  “Friday’s win put us back to where we have a little cushion on the strongest of the competition down there. “ I’ve had championship seasons down there (Lernerville), so I’d like to see David get one too,” explained Dave Sr. “It will also be a great jumping off point for seasons to come, to win points at Lernerville is a thing to be proud of and create momentum for the coming years.”
Hess capped off his race-packed week with a trip to south-eastern Ohio where he raced against the best of the O’Reilly All Star Dirt Late Model Series, with whom he’s already picked up a win and a cardboard check with the young series.  In tow, Hess’s e-mod was ready to go in the preliminary events and Hess found third place in the feature event.

Dave Hess Jr., drives the Hess Garage and Salvage/Linda’s Notary Service, Beacon Lubricant, Jim Brozell Construction, Plyler Overhead door, MWB Graphics and Web Design, Kinder Motorsports Media, Collision World, Genesis Shock, and Simpson Race Products Rocket, Pontiac GTO with a Craiger Racing Engine under the hood.

            If you or your business would like to partner with Hess Racing contact Hess Garage, or Geoff Kinder (814 221 9424) to set up a meeting and discuss the possibilities that partnership with a racing team can provide for your business.
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 March 9, 2010- (Waterford, PA) - Dave Hess Jr., is starting his 2010 campaign in the North-East and he’s starting as a champion.  Hess won two features and put together a string of excellent finishes on his way to becoming the UNOH DIRTcar open wheel modified champion of Winter-Nationals held at Volusia Speedway Park, Deleon Springs, Florida.

            “We had a great week at Volusia, added Hess.  “We had a good car right out of the box and the week kept getting better and better, I was relieved to win the first night, and very excited to win the first preliminary feature locking me into the finally.”

            Hess is known in racing circles around the North-East region of the country for being a dominant force in his open wheel modified, and also revered as an up and coming Late Model Driver who has wins with the now defunct, Independent Racing Series, followed the O’Reilly All Star Late Model Series and also won the ‘Roberts Trucking 50’ at Stateline Speedway (NY) boasting a $10,000 payday for the team. 

            Dave Hess is a strong force behind the wheel of his modified as well, boasting a $5,000 win at Stateline Speedway and also winning the Heritage 101 at Brushcreek Motorsports Complex yielding a 2008 Harley Davidson Heritage Soft-Tail motorcycle valued at just under $18,000.

            The 44 team hopes to keep their machines in victory lane once racing begins in the tri-state area, or at least close to victory lane. “We’d like to run our Late Model too in Florida but with such competition it’s hard to even qualify for the feature events,” added Hess.

            Hess and the 44 team will be in action at the “Chiller Thriller” held at Mercer Raceway Park debuting Hess’ new black Late Model that matches his championship winning e-mod.  The events will be sanctioned by the ULMS and the UEMS, respectively.  To follow Hess’ summer tours check his website, for his schedule and results.

            Dave Hess Jr., drives the Hess Garage and Salvage/Linda’s Notary Service, Beacon Lubricant, Jim Brozell Construction, Plyler Overhead door, MWB Graphics and Web Design, Kinder Motorsports Media, Matt Teribery Flooring, Collision World, Hoosier Tire, Genesis Shock, and Simpson Race Products Rocket, Pontiac GTO with a Craiger Racing Engine under the hood.

            If you or your business would like to partner with Hess Racing contact Hess Garage, or Geoff Kinder (814 221 9424) to set up a meeting and discuss the possibilities that partnership with a racing team can provide for your business.
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